“Oh SuzieQ”


So like all good introductions, let me start by introducing myself: my name is SuzieQ. ‘Q’ standing for Queen (obviously!). Therefore, It goes without saying that like all the extra things in life; extra sass, extra class and extra special treatment. The Viennese may label me as being ‘Extra Wurst’ (which I think is very fitting); but honey, life’s too short to be ordinary.

I managed to make my ‘Brexit’ move a lot swifter than most; I moved from London to Vienna 5 years ago. Since my first day in Vienna, I fell in love with this cute city. I say cute because one can’t deny the size comparison between a city like Vienna with New York or London, for example. But that’s exactly what I love about Vienna; I am much less likely to get seriously lost!

I avoided the typical ‘WG-Leben’ and found a cute little flat for myself. At first, I felt super grown-up and ‘I- am-an-Independent-woman’, but soon I discovered my small little mail box that harbored a whole pile of bills! Nothing hits you with ‘Adult-Life’ harder, then a ‘GIS’ bill!

Living alone has its advantages and disadvantages… one in particular: being alone. Some days, I was so happy and grateful for the peace and quiet. Other days, I found myself going out to a Café just so that I can speak to someone (by that I mean, ordering a cappuccino!)

I adore the Viennese coffee house culture and all the hipster cafes that all have their own unique flair. Although the very sophisticated and museum-like ‘Cafe Central’, appeals well to my demand for ‘finer things in life’… I am somehow more drawn to those Cafés which give the impression that they have simply gathered as many tables and chairs as possible from the Naschmarkt Flohmarkt. The bare (sometimes ugly) looking interiors and discombobulated concepts of such Coffee Houses, make us feel great about our own messy lives! (Or am I the only one who has noticed the psychology behind our beloved hipster locations?)

The excitement of living alone quickly become a bit boring. I needed a companion… a dog! I know, I should have gotten myself a boyfriend, but I thought that having a dog would be such a ‘guy-magnet’ as well. Wrong. Not one guy has come to talk to me while I’m out and about with my 2kg dog. On the bright side, I have made friends with some very pleasant older ladies who kindly offered to knit my dog some woolly jumpers.

Another fun fact about me: I love traveling. I say this with a fair amount of irony as I find it quite funny how often you read that in someone’s social media bio; whether it’s a dating profile or and insta profile. I am yet to meet someone who says to me: “Urgh I hate going on holiday and seeing the world.” If you are one of those ‘travelling-grinches’, then please contact me.

So yes, I do in-fact, enjoy traveling to different parts of the world, experiencing new cultures and embracing new experiences. I have also travelled solo (which I honestly recommend trying out at least once in your life). I‘ve been to place like Japan, South Africa, France and Spain, but I can tell you, with all honesty; I am so happy to call Vienna my new home.

Like all good introductions, I will finish with appropriate seasonal wishes: I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and prepare yourself for an extra special New Year!

Yours truly,