About Pride Ticket

Pride Ticket is Europe’s leading LGBT event platform made by gay man for the gay community. Its idea is to enable anyone, anywhere and anytime to find (or create) the perfect event while making memories that are going to last for a lifetime.

From street festivals, sports activities, karaoke nights, happy or even after hours, to the most exciting pride parades, parties and festivals. Anytime and everywhere. We have never been afraid to take the risks, on the contrary, we put 100% of our heart in Pride Ticket and we deliver the most personal, most honest and most technologically advanced LGBT platform on the market.

Our vision is guided by only one principle: to show that there is more to life.

Supporting all sizes of events

It is not all about size, it is about commitment and doing something courageous for the community. At Pride Ticket every kind of event is welcome because we strongly believe that there is a place for everyone. Your dream and your project are important to us and it deserves to be seen.

Staying up to date with all technological know-how

With tremendous passion and a strong business sense, in just a few months our team has transformed what started out in 2019 as a Vienna-based online platform for gay events into Europe’s leading online gay guide No.1. Today, we connect gay community all over Europe.