Eagle Amsterdam – Horsemen & Knights

Eagle Amsterdam – Horsemen & Knights

Eagle Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Eagle Amsterdam Warmoesstraat 90, 1012 JH Amsterdam, Netherlands
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The Horsemen and Knights (H&K) is an informal club that organizes monthly parties for well-endowed men and men who get really turned on by big ones. The monthly parties for Horsemen and their admirers are held every third Sunday of the month in THE EAGLE, at Warmoesstraat 90 in Amsterdam. The doors are open between 15:00 and 16:00 hrs. The party begins at 16:00 hrs. and ends at 19:00 hrs. There are usually about 120 visitors each time. There is a secure clothing check you can enjoy a drink, chat and more, whether one-on-one or as part of a group. This can happen in a dark corner in one of the playrooms or, fulfilling any your exhibitionist tendencies you might have, in the open at the bar!

Of course having “it” is the whole idea of the party, but it is not obligatory. Voyeurs who would rather just sit at the bar and watch are no problem! You can live out almost all of your fantasies. Around 5 PM free snacks are served at the bar! The entrance fee is €8.00. Horsemen, who are in the possession of a member’s pass get in for free but are still responsible for their own bill at the bar.

You can become a Horseman if “it” is at least eighteen centimeters long. You can have your weapon measured at the party with a special ‘peter-meter’ If you are indeed 18cm or longer, you will receive a membership pass that entitles you to free entrance to all subsequent parties. Bring a passport photo along with you or e-mail one to us. Of course, guys with dicks under eighteen centimeters long are also more than welcome.

– Starts at 15:00 till 19:00
– Every third Sunday of the month.
– Doors are open between 15:00 and 16:00
– Entrance fee is € 8,00 (excluding minimum for EUR 5 drink spend). Horsemen with a membership get in for free.

For more detailed information (because of Facebook guidelines) see www.eagleamsterdam.com

Location of Eagle Amsterdam
Eagle Amsterdam Warmoesstraat 90, 1012 JH Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Eagle Amsterdam Warmoesstraat 90, 1012 JH Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • Entrance Fee8,00
  • Horseman Membership0,00

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