Dirty Dicks Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Dirty Dicks Warmoesstraat 86, 1012 JH Amsterdam, Netherlands
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FuckBoxxx is a party where you can fuck and be fucked; anonymous in a box, just in a sling or on the turntable. Everything in a safe atmosphere in which you can go wild. It does not matter if you are top or bottom; you can switch whenever you want.

raw fuck party
anonymous sax
no hazzle
just fuck
for all you bottom pigs and sleazy tops


FuckBoxxx takes place in the Dirty Dicks Amsterdam. There are four different zones. On the ground floor you enter the zone where you can relax and chill out and drink a drink and have the opportunity to talk to the other visitors. Behind it is the zone with the 7 boxes where bottoms are ready for the tops, you can graze there and the fucking is anonymous. Behind it is the gangbang table, a round table that can rotate so that several tops can live out one or two bottoms. Upstairs is the fourth zone, where you can play and fuck in the almost dark with bottoms without supervision.


We recommend to fuck safely. However, you can choose to fuck bare. If you want to fuck bare, you get a stamp on your ass, so that this is clear to everyone. Condoms and lubricants are freely available.


  • Entry to the party is from 18 years
  • Men-only
  • Drugs are not allowed
  • Wardrobe is mandatory
  • Safe sex is recommended
  • No photographic and / or film material may be made
  • Dress up to the event. We do not, however, maintain a strict dress code
  • You must order at least two drinks at the bar
  • Staff is always right


The doors are open from 16.00 to 17.30 and the party continues until 8 PM.

Location of Dirty Dicks
Dirty Dicks Warmoesstraat 86, 1012 JH Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Dirty Dicks Warmoesstraat 86, 1012 JH Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • Entry at the door8,00

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