How To Say Goodbye To 2019 With A Blast Darling!

NYE Gay Parties

Sweety darling,

Saying goodbye is never easy. Unless, you are gay; grindering on Saturday eeeeearly morning, looking for a perfect X(X)L top and that pic-less person, (who is, by the way, power bottom) just send you his nudes. God damn, where is that block button?! Thank you, next and GOODBYE!

Well, today I want to say goodbye to something else; this year, 2019. If my bedroom walls could talk, they would be best selling authors of the decade darling, unfortunately for you, they can’t.

Honestly, it has been a great year. I had my share of pleasure, however, as you get older, a year seems to get shorter. After 30, your year feels like only 10 months. And you start neglecting many things… like the point of this gossip for example, darling! Oh, NYE, right!

Your wanna-be-celebrity Queen B. investigated how to say goodbye with a bang 2.0! Here are my top 3 (my favourite number btw.) parties to say goodbye:

For longer than 10 years now, Madrid has been the place to be for party animals. Annual WE NYE Festival offers your DAYS of partying with hop-on / hop-off tours, between Madrid hotel rooms (maximal stay 20 minutes per room darling!). But choose this option with caution because if you don’t have a six-pack and you ain’t hunk, it is only you and your hand tonight, darling!

After NYE Event:La Demence’ is for all NYE lovers, who want to spend the midnight countdown (ring) at home, playing flawless housewives with the perfect family. On the first of January, they catch the earliest flight to Brussels where they show their genuine face: #dickdickdickdickdick

Darling, my home town Vienna, is the place to be this year! The themed party called ‘Loveball’, will bring you hot Arabian beats with this year’s motto: Aladdin. And if you like ‘Christmas-cornies’, then you have come to the right place! We’ll take you on a magic carpet ride!

No matter where and how you decide to say goodbye to 2019 (da da da da) and salute 2020, I do know this darling:

Fairy tales don’t always have a happy ending, but you will always be the princess in your own perfect world! And I’ll be the Queen B.


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